“Like a river shapes the landscape, your people shape your organization; a life source that brings vision, strength, intelligence and success to your presence in the marketplace.”
Barry Pettit, M.Ed., CEO, Pettit Inc.


By working with your people, your culture and your systems we serve as a catalyst, a wellspring, bringing new insights, energy, expertise and perspective to the way your people create the kind of transformative value that generates exceptional results.

How? We begin with the reality that organizations act and think much like ecosystems; a combination of interdependent parts that either impede or enable the kind of transformative value that delivers results.

Like water entering a dry place the value you deliver becomes transformative when it alters the competitive landscape to your advantage, redefining the market’s needs in terms that benefit you and your customers.

We help you focus on seven powerful leverage points, each akin to a rushing tributary that adds downstream momentum to your success in the marketplace.

We help you focus on seven powerful leverage points, each like a rushing tributary that adds downstream power to your strength in the marketplace.

  1. Smart Alignment: Create a proactive employee focus on owning and delivering exceptional results.
  2. Talent Selection and Development: Select and develop talent with an MRI-like insight that creates and sustains a competitive advantage.
  3. Sustained Innovation: Engineer innovation into the very fabric of your corporate culture, building a performance environment in which continuous improvement is as natural as breathing.
  4. Revenue Generation: Increase revenue and profitability by engaging our 3rd party expertise sharpening your present marketing and sales programs. We’ll also help you find synergistic ways in which marketing and sales personnel can build on one another’s strengths.
  5. Advanced Learning Culture: Create an advanced learning culture that improves your capacity for adaptive and disruptive behaviors; the kind that win over customers, increase the value experienced by your customers and capture market share.
  6. Relational Media: Connect your target audience with the value you deliver by engaging your target market with the combined the strengths of media, information technology and software development.
  7. Systemic Actions: Look for the interdependencies within your organization that can unlock its true potential. Systemic thinking is hard to find and harder to adopt but the exponential results it unleashes are worth the ride.

Value Matrix Assessment

How well are you maximizing your potential currently?

Use this customized Value Matrix analysis to assess your capacity to create transformative value within your own organization. We’ll provide a real time response to your submission without asking you for a thing. When you find this feedback helpful, there’s an option to connect to us directly.

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