Our Customers.

Our Customers Include:

  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • CPA Canada
  • Optimum Talent
  • Morrison Hershfield
  • QHR Technologies
  • Urban Ministries, Inc.
  • The Sanfilippo Children’s Research Foundation
  • Ontario Telemedicine Network
  • NextLEVEL Leadeship


Retail Sector

Created the concept of a specialized, themed destination centre dedicated to home fashion for retail developer and pension funds in both the U.S. and Canada. From market research through to successful management of  ongoing marketing campaigns for 150 retailers.  Retail chain members consistently reported higher sales per square foot in these Centres. This innovative retail concept preceded the move to specialized retail themes.

IT Sector

inclusive of global campaigns for IBM Corp. that garnered prestigious industry awards for professionalism in corporate communications. Most importantly, the Pettit team immersed themselves in engaging 1,000 IT customers on behalf of its clients over a four year duration to provide strategic advice that generated important improvements in the way IBM and others approached their respective marketplaces.

Healthcare Sector

More recently Pettit has become immersed in the development of online training for the health care industry through its work with EMR vendors and their clinical clients. Pettit is in the process of creating online and virtual training materials for some 9000 doctors across Canada, using an interactive form of online engagement that accelerates comprehension, retention, user adoption rates while reducing the cost of moving from paper based  to electronic medical records.


Pettit Inc. has created CME materials for the likes of Bayer, Miles Pharma, Smith Kline French, Sandoz and Leo labs. We’ve worked with world renowned medical specialists to create excellent learning material for the medical profession.


Professional Services

Copy under construction.

Financial Services

Training for TD Bank plus training for mutual funds.

Provided marketing and sales materials to several mutual funds.

Provided training on security protocols for TD Bank.


Distribution and Sales in Business to Business Marketplace

Assisted Minolta Corp. in designing, delivering, hosting and supporting training to an audience of 25,000 dealer and corporate personnel across the U.S.A.

Leadership and facilitation of enterprise change management and organizational effectiveness initiatives.

Employee engagement program with senior management.

Creation of corproate best practices site and related professional development resources for KMBS, leading to 50% increase in sale of color copiers and significant increase in marketshare and profitability.

Development of marketing and sales collateral for dealer network  of 900 dealers.



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