Introducing the world’s finest career diagnostic tool for predicting career success: The SuccessFinder Career System. We are cracking the code to help companies put the right people in the right jobs to drive transformational business results.

Unlock the behavioral DNA of every employee to deliver extraordinary results!

Predict career success for any employee with up to 85% predictive validity.

Accurately identify employees with the capacity to deliver 37% to 57% higher productivity.

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Based on a database of 10,000 top performers and 500+ career success benchmarks, across 2500 job titles and 35 career themes you can:

  • Know in advance which employees will be most successful.
  • Select the most successful job candidates.
  • Identify employees with the greatest potential for succession.
  • Pinpoint the behaviors that drive an employee’s performance.
  • Identify the behaviors that transform a team from good to great.

How will these certainties impact your business?

  • Improve employee productivity by at least 37%,
  • Select the best job applicants with a success rate 2 and a half times greater than any other selection process
  • Create a succession plan that guarantees exceptional leadership
  • Capture the wisdom of your best people in a manner that improves sales, market share and operational efficiencies.



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