Our mission: To select, develop, advance and engage talent in a manner that markedly enhances career success, career fulfillment, and organizational performance.

Talent Selection & Development

Are you selecting, advancing and developing the right people with MRI-like precision?

Only employees exceptionally suited for what they do, coupled with an intense love of what they do, produce exceptional results.
Larry Cash, PhD, Founder, SuccessFinder Career System

The single, most important determinant of career success is defined by the fit between the individual’s behavioral competencies and their career job role. Skill and knowledge are nothing more than the price of admission. This statement is supported by the statistical evidence gathered from over 10,000 high performers who have completed the SuccessFinder assessment over the past 25 years.

By behavior we mean the sum total of the employee’s problem solving style, work habits, motivational factors, sense of self, relational capabilities, vocational incentives, lifestyle priorities, and coping strategies.

Select, Promote and Develop Talent with Greater Accuracy, Relevance, and Impact

  • 37% to 58% higher sales performance & customer satisfaction ratings
  • Increase predictive accuracy of selecting people and identifying root cause performance issues to 80%
  • 90% to 100% accuracy for creating & delivering targeted, individualized learning & development programs
  • 70% increase in employee engagement
  • 60 more precisely measured behavior traits and 20 career themes than any other category-1 psychological test.

Select, promote, develop and leverage talent with the precision of an MRI , using the most accurate behavioral assessment tool in the world. Imagine combining this laser-like assessment of each employee with the online capability of delivering talent development solutions, tailored to the individual profile of each employee and scaled to accommodate your entire enterprise, in real time.

We offer you this type of powerful predictive, diagnostic and developmental capacity, through the use of the SuccessFinder Career System, in combination with Pettit’s talent development capabilities.

The Talent Power Suite illustrated here enables you to develop the kind of high performance talent bench strength that drives exceptional results.


Pelly Shafto, Vice President, Morrison Hershfield, talks about SuccessFinder

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