Revenue Generation

Are you exceeding your revenue and profitability goals?

Create synergies between marketing and sales that turn insightful thinking into extraordinary results.

Convert smart marketing into extraordinary sales:


  • Award winning marketing deliverables from Pettit Inc. chosen best over 600 campaigns in U.S. for IBM Corp.
  • High impact marketing and sales campaigns yield 30% – 50% increases in sales for companies like Oracle, IBM Canada and IBM Corp, Konica Minolta USA,  Home & Design Centres, and many more.

Captivate your target market with:

  1. Customer engagement that sharpens your marketing plan.
  2. A marketing strategy that drives sales opportunities.
  3. A brand promise that delivers an extraordinary experience.
  4. An executional plan that enables the sales process.

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Relentlessly deliver sales results!

When your reps connect with your prospects and customers effectively… exceptional results happen.

Our professional development program  helps your sales team deliver high pay-off sales results because we focus on the kind of behavioral change, consultative sales approach and management coaching that works… extremely well. The sales methodology we teach… and the way in which your sales team learns it, is exceptionally effective in driving the sales results you need.
Tibor Shanto, VP Sales and executive coach, The Pettit Group

We create a sales performance environment within your organization that:

  • Develops successful sales talent
  • Coaches and mentors astute sales management and leadership

You will experience a consistent improvement in your sales results because we:

  • Address the skill, knowledge, managerial, leadership, organizational and behavioral preconditions that comprise exceptional sales performance.
  • Strengthen the skills your people need to explore the value proposition that best serves your customer’s interests.
  • Accelerate this learning process by engaging sales people in live and virtual experiences that include real-time, performance support, include gamification learning tools, coach and mentor at critical points in the sales cycle and reinforce incremental progress towards excellence.
  • Reinforces continuous improvement through proactive sales management and leadership to monitor and guide each sales person relative to their learning curve and present state of performance.
  • Uses a blended learning experience that maximizes the impact of leader-led and online learning environments.
  • Provides 24/7 reinforcement and best practices refreshers.
  • Enhances the relevance of this training by customizing training materials to your market and environment.

Our Secret Sauce: The Impact of Behavioral Competencies

You can know with certainty who on your team has the greatest potential for meeting and exceeding your sales goals. Skill and knowledge are pre-requisites for sales performance but it is in fact behavioral attributes that impact sales success the most.

Behavioral competencies identify hi-potential sales reps and accurately profile the strengths and constraints of every sales rep individually. This gives you an MRI-like insight into how you can best select and develop your sales team.

Annual sales revenue for Pathfinder “High Probability” personnel:

  • 37% higher than those with “Average” probability Sales Performers
  • 58% higher than  those with “Marginal” probability Sales Performers success

Pathfinder Career Assessment Results:

The Pathfinder Behavioral Competency assessment tool will accurately determine:

  1. Sales personnel with the highest potential capacity.
  2. The highest-yield development needs of each sales person.
  3. An individualized approach to training each of your sales staff.

The Pathfinder Career System is recognized by its 40,000 member customer base as being accurate in its findings. It has achieved the credibility of being a category 1 psychological assessment tool in accordance with the standards set by the American Psychological Association.

The Pettit Group offers the certified consultants necessary to administer, interpret and leverage this assessment tool to boost your sales results. Use it to select, hire, promote and develop your sales personnel.


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