Advanced Learning Culture

Companies with a high-performance HR management system,  inclusive of  several key learning parameters, exhibited dramatically higher performance: Employee turnover was close to half, sales per employee were four times as great and the ratio of firm market value to the book value of assets was more than three times as large in high-performing companies.
B. Becker, M. Huselid and D. Ulrich, The HR Scorecard

Create a Systemic Learning Culture: One that converts opportunity into real results!

A high-efficacy learning culture is to corporate performance as water is to life. With it, an organization is fueled with the passion, knowledge, vision, discipline, attitude and expertise necessary to excel, empowering the company with a direct connect between behavior and results. It’s what we call, Applied Brilliance; enabling your employees to be at their best.

Performance Management: Rethinking Current Practices

We are advocating for a major improvement in the way organizations manage performance. The current methodologies: 360° feedback tools, cascading objectives, once-a-year performance reviews etc., are largely ineffective in achieving the outcomes needed today: employee engagement and high performance.

Instead we are focused on delivering a performance management system that delivers speed, effectiveness, efficiencies, adaptability, “one-size-fits-one” and constant learning.

A recent study conducted by the Harvard Business Review (April, 2015 issue) entitled Reinventing Performance Management related a study of current practices conducted by Deloitte. It reported that the way in which Deloitte was evaluating performance and training its people were “increasingly out of step with” their objectives.

We’ve certainly seen the same difficulty replicated in many organizations, regardless of their size. Our approach addresses these challenges in a way that consistently yields the desired results.


We will be pleased to demonstrate how each of these elements can benefit your organization.

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