Relational Media

Are you creating a relational advantage in the marketplace?

Relational communication: the interactive engagement of your target audiences is powered by the integrated use of media, technology, software development and smart design principles.

Technology allows us unprecedented opportunity to engage your employees, customers and target audience in ways that gather market intelligence, create brand loyalty, deliver a superior customer experience, sustain competitive advantage and tap into the true potential of your people.
Barry Pettit, CEO, The Pettit Group

Choose the mix of IT & Media Production and Creative Services that work best for you. We offer:

  • An integrated approach to the use of information technology, media and related support services that help you achieve the results you need.
  • Award winning media creative and production capabilities to help you connect, market, sell, train and motivate your audience.
  • Software and portal capabilities that support this media in the online world.
  • Online assessment capabilities that allow you to target the individual employee with a learning plan that reflects their job role, work priorities, competency profile and performance support requirements.
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