About Us.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Pettit Inc. to help corporations transform the value they deliver to their customers into meaningful, significant results in line with their strategic objectives.

The Pettit team accomplishes this mission by providing an integrated suite of services that align purpose, people and process with performance outcomes, including: strategic consultation, talent selection and development, sustained innovation, continuous improvement and creating an advanced learning culture inclusive of expert media production, software development and IT services.

Our Vision

Pettit Inc. will become known as the ‘go to’ expert in helping corporations engage and enable their people to consistently drive exceptional, sustained levels of corporate performance, workplace productivity and employee fulfillment. The Pettit team will serve as catalytic thought leaders in the field of human capital management, providing the kind of strategic consulting, effective interventions and innovative best practices that allow employees to create exceptional value and transform it to meaningful results – personally and professionally.

Our Journey

Barry Pettit launched Pettit Inc. with a mission to help corporations improve the way they engage their customers, market their offerings, sell their products and services and enable their staff. As systems thinkers with expertise in each of these areas the Pettit team consistently demonstrate the fact that whenever there is strong interdependence among these vital factors the end customer and the client always win.

Common to these capabilities is a singular focus on helping clients transform the value they deliver into results that count.

This approach generates opportunities and exceptional clients for Pettit Inc. in the IT, manufacturing, professional services, retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, office products, automotive and public sectors, leading to international work for the likes of IBM Corp., Oracle, Glaxo, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, Morrison Hershfield, QHR Technologies, Mercedes Benz and many others.

Pettit Inc. specializes in the design, delivery and support of online learning services – from strategic planning to an exceptional learning experience to robust learning software – because the ability to align purpose, people and performance in this manner creates exceptional value for you and your customers. In this context learning becomes a real, measurable competitive advantage.

Our Team

The Pettit team includes a core team of strategic consulting, learning design, media and IT specialists. We supplement this group with a strong group of exceptional consultants who work with us on specific projects that particularly require their expertise and talent.

Barry Pettit

President and CEO

Barry Pettit is a systemic thinker with expertise in the fields of marketing, sales, talent development, learning design and organizational development.  His systemic approach allows him to identify the key leverage points within your organization that can best be used to achieve your corporate objectives while also enhancing the personal and professional development of your people.

“Turn innovation into an engine that transforms your mission and vision into a reality. Move beyond a singular innovation event to embedding innovation within your corporate culture; this is a realistic outcome when you use the tools and resources provided by The Pettit Group.” – Barry Pettit

Andy Jibb

Creative Director

Andy Jibb is our creative director, with specialized expertise in graphic design, photography, video production, media development and interactive, online engagement. Over the past 15 years he has become a seasoned project manager and media director with a broad portfolio of creative responsibilities, spanning the full range of client services, concept development, media production, software authoring and end-user support.

Henry Wong

Web Developer

Henry Wong specializes in application development, end user interface design, learning management systems, ecommerce, portal design for end user engagement and back office systems and network management support. Henry integrates seamlessly with your team to design, deliver and support exceptional software applications to meet your specific needs in an effective, timely manner.

Wei Cai

Web Developer

Software development is an essential part of our work. Wei Cai is a brilliant software developer with expertise in multiple development languages, database management systems and enterprise communication protocols. Wei supports our online learning management software and the integration thereof with our clients’ systems.

Michael Coady

Content Developer, Presenter

Michael Coady is an award-winning actor from Newfoundland, Canada, with more than 20 years experience before camera and on stage. A dynamic and versatile actor, Michael has received critical acclaim for his performances. Having worked professionally in Canadian film, television and theatre since 1999, Michael has over 35 productions to his credit. He has made guest star and co-star appearances on shows like the hit CBC series, “Republic of Doyle”, the History Channel series, “Zero Hour” and Discovery Channel’s, “Life or Death”.

Lorie Hartshorn

Content Developer, Presenter

Lorie Hartshorn is a national speaker, author and teacher. Lorie has spent more than 25 years in Education and Training. In those years she also provided leadership in the area of Development. She served as the Director Advancement for EQUIP Leadership Canada, Dr. John C. Maxwell’s organization, training leaders worldwide.

Randy Cannell


Randy thinks both strategically and creatively, usually simultaneously. He immerses himself into your business challenges and his collaborative approach to ideation enables truly breakthrough thinking. His Pathfinder Career System report revealed uniquely high scores in the areas of creativity, innovation, consultation and written communication. Randy focuses on results while having fun along the way.

“Innovation is the currency of successful companies. The demand for it is relentless and the opportunities it creates are unlimited. At the Pettit Group, we empower organizations to improve their innovative capacity and drive output for sustainable results.” – Randy Cannell

Lauren Ferraro

Vocal Coach

Lauren Ferraro is a natural teacher and guide, with a unique balance of energy and empathy she helps you convey your important message dynamically. Her proprietary ATTAK methodology helps instil the confidence to deliver and the clarity to be understood. Her expertise has been called upon globally by business leaders, entrepreneur owners and top professionals across a variety of industries to empower them to connect with others through their words and use of language.

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